Screening Committee

For the 2020 award, 25 excellent films were submitted for consideration which we believe bodes well for the future of documentary filmmaking about Japan.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to screen films for the 2020 Award. 

Clark Chilson

Brian Deutsch                                             

Jonathan Devine

Brenda Jordan  

Christopher Kraemer  

Stephen Luft     

Gabriella Lukacs       

Hiroshi Nara      

Elizabeth Oyler 

Jordan Parrish   

Andrea Radziminski  

Kay Shimizu       

Seung-hwan Shin                             

Devon Tipp        

Marisol Villela Balderrama      

Michael Walter   

Yoshihiro Yasuhara         

Planning Committee

Clark Chilson, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Charles Exley, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Elizabeth Oyler, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Kay Shimizu, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Kirsten Strayer, SCREENSHOT:ASIA Programming Coordinator

Advisory Judges

Robert Clift, Ph.D. is a documentary filmmaker and associate professor in Film and Media Studies at Pitt. His films include Stealing Home: The Case of Contemporary Cuban Baseball (PBS, 2001), Blacking Up: Hip-Hop’s Remix of Race and Identity (PBS, 2010), and Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages (PBS, 2012) which played at more than a dozen festivals and conferences. His latest film, Making Montgomery Clift (with Hillary Demmond), was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Clift’s writing has been featured in the anthology Cine-Ethics: Ethical Dimensions of Film Theory, Practice and Spectatorship (Routledge, 2013).

Kazuhiro Soda is an award-winning filmmaker known for his observational method of documentary filmmaking. His Campaign (2007) won the Peabody Award in the U.S. Mental (2008) won the Best Documentary Award at the Busan International Film Festival and the Dubai International Film Festival. Soda’s recent films include Inland Sea (2018), which was invited to the Berlinale, and The Big House (2018), which was released in June 2018. His new film, Zero, opened at the Moma and screened in competition at the Berlinale. Soda is also the author of seven books published in Japan. He taught at the University of Michigan as a visiting professor from 2016 till 2017.